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Obstetricians specialize in the following areas:

A gynecologist is a physician who specializes in the medical care of women and in health of the female reproductive system. They also deal with pap smear, infections of vaginal and uterine origin, fertility problems, contraception, tubal ligations and hysterectomy.

Acute and chronic medical conditions

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Health maintenance during pregnancy

Operative gynecology

Pregnancy and delivery

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Why Do People Love Us?

Thank you so much Dr. Pragya ma'am❤️. You are truly the best gynecologist I have ever met in my life...This was my second delivery and i was afraid of the first one... But you handle it so perfectly... Thank you so much ma'am from the bottom of my heart... May God bless you n your family
Ruchi Chauhan
Mohali, Punjab
She is the best Gyne I ever experienced…Before meeting with Dr. Pragya Goel, I consulted with a few other gynes who are just professional with their patients however Dr. Pragya Goel is out of the world I would say, she not only listens to everyone very patiently n calmly and give a personal touch to all. She managed so well and give her o/s support all the time. Usually, I have seen so many cases where patients want normal delivery but doctors threaten them with so many issues n complications n patients have to agree to C sec but Dr. Pragya Goel only prefers to do normal deliveries n tries her best till the end. I would recommend everyone to consult this doctor n get the best advice all the u doctor
Gurjeet Singh
Chandigarh, Punjab
Respected, Dr Pragya Goel. U are an amazing doctor and a wonderful person. Thank you for your support during some really tough times, as well as your encouragement to help me get to the best times in my wife life. I'm very thankful to you for the lovely gift on the new year i.e my new born daughter. Words can't say how much I appreciate you but thank you so much for everything!
Ravi Kumar
Kharar, Punjab
Dr. Pragya Goel, a gynecologist at Cloud nine is the best in her field in the Tricity, the best person, very empathetic and receptive, understanding and kind, knows what works best for her patients, understands the unspoken and goes to great lengths for her patients. She has a way with words and chides you when required and her smile is the best assurance that everything is all right. My pregnancy went smoothly despite cholestasis or diabetes and the delivery period was easy with her by my side. I am full of gratitude and respect for her as she prepared and treated me to receive the best gift from the Almighty.
Navneet Kaur
Patiala, Punjab